Rams 75thThe great age of reckoning was beginning. The football uniform was about to hit the cat walk with some phenomenol evolutionary developments.

The ninties began as in the past with a few teams making changes but it would end in an absolute flurry of change. Some teams that had held on to their visual identity for so long would make leaps in both color and look. The modern image was taking shape with everything from sweatbands to cleats being incorporated into the uniform mix. NFL Properties was having an absolute carnival with the explosion of fan gear and even greater yet was the 75th anniversary of the league.

Expansion once again was in the forefront with the addition of Jacksonville and Carolina. Trendy colors were entering the fray as unheard of colors in the past jumped into the spotlight. Teal, Purple, Black and Navy were heavily used.

Phily & San Fran 96The 75th anniversary created a new market also - the retro look. Throwbacks were born and would build more momentum as the decade drew to a close. Some teams went back to their origins with a modern twist while still others introduced unique colors like Tampa Bay's Pewter and Philadelphia's Midnight Green.

Logos developed in the ninties bore a more aggressive look. Bold lines, striking images with multiple colors. The dawning of alternate uniforms was not a big addition but certainly becoming more mainstream. The NFL player of the ninties was no "dressed-to-kill".


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