1960'sJohnny Unitas

The tides of change were rising by the time the 1960 season began. A new league, the prospects of expansion and the emergence of superstars like Johnny Unitas opened the football floodgates.

The American Football League introduced not only some bright new personalities but some bright uniform designs as well. The Chargers uniforms adorned with lightning charges, the hiking Patriot, even the hideous brown Broncos uniforms of 1960.

The National Football League was in the midst of uniform evolution also. Teams were finally realizing the marketing potential of placing a team logo on a helmet. Legendary trademarks were on the verge of introduction. The Pittsburgh "Steelers" hypocycloid emblem, The Packers "G", the enigmatic "cardinals" head or even the Kansas City arrowhead. Dynamic innovations in uniform design were taking shape as well. The Cowboys 1960 uniform with it's contrasting shoulders, or the daring purple pants Lance Alworthof the 1962 Vikings. How about the bravado of Miami's teal jerseys or the consistent elegance of the Baltimore Colts uniforms. The stoic bison of Buffalo or diamond yoke of the mid-sixties Steelers.

The 60's were a time of innovation in the football uniform styles. Some teams experimented with different looks and colors while others chose to maintain the status quo. The facemask was still not a key element to the uniform design, though the styles were certainly creative. The 60's began to flex the creative and shed some of the past. The question, "why do we need three stripes like everyone else?" was finally being asked.

Yes, these were progressive times full of wild music, fashion and football.


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